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Google Translate Vrs Professional Translation Services

Google has evolved mighty quickly over the past twenty years. It has gone from being a university project to dominating every aspect of the World Wide Web. In fact everything we write on our websites, blog posts and social media pages is written with Google in mind. Google even provide a free online translation service which is great if you want to communicate with friends across the world but can cause major problems if you are using it in the business world. Google lacks the contextual and cultural knowledge that professional translation services provide. Here are five reasons why you should choose professional translation services rather than Google for your business translations.

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Boost Visitors To Your Mobile Friendly Website With Professional Translation Services

Last year Google forced many of us to update our websites so that they can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and any other smart gadget we may own. This has meant that only people with responsive websites will benefit from the search engine, while websites that have not been updated will be penalised. In the past two decades the number of websites has exploded, in 1995 there were 23,500 websites, twenty years later the number has exceeded the billion mark. (Internet Live Stats). Therefore is more important now than ever to have an edge over your competition and we will tell you how professional translation services can help.

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How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to observing the traditions of your overseas clients. Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated that the way forward is to be able to talk to customers in their own language when he spoke in semi fluent Chinese to students in Beijing. Bill Gates on the other hand regrets that he could only speak English. (Entrepreneur) The Entrepreneur website names six languages that every, ‘Globally Minded CEO should be aware of’, these are; Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and German. Here is how Christmas is celebrated in three of them.

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How Hiring A Professional Translation Company Prevents Costly Errors

Businesses are often reluctant to hire a professional translation company because they are concerned about the cost of such a service. Badly translated signs seen on holiday are amusing, however a badly translated contract could cost you your livelihood.

Professional Translation Company Vrs Free Translation Software

Translating a language is far more involved than just substituting one word for another. If you resort to using free translation software the context of an email can get, ‘lost in translation’. A professional translation company will be familiar with business terms and have a secure understanding of a language in action - resulting in an accurate translation.

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How to Translate your Website

How to translate your website? The importance of localising your website during the translation process should never be underestimated. In order to reach out to many millions of new potential customers you need to engage with them in their own language.

This provides you with the best cost:returns ratio possible anywhere in the business world - The immense benefits of spending the time researching this and performing the task professionally are well worth it to extending the reach of your business and build brand loyalty.

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Welcome to our new look translation agency

Welcome to Global Village Translation agency's first blog! Everyone here is thrilled about the launch of our new website and our aim is to get each of our team to take it in turns to write our blogs in the coming months. We have also created a new working structure and range of services so that we can provide an even more efficient service to all of our clients. Whether you have a driving licence to translate or an entire technical manual, we have a package to cater for your needs.

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