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Charity Translation Services

Our charity translation services are aimed at charities who are looking to get word ‘out there’, and reach a broader audience by delivering their message in a range of languages. With so many charities now operating on a multinational scale, it is crucial that your audience can read your message in their native tongue.

‘We have used Global Village Translation Ltd for our English into Vietnamese, Bulgarian and Russian translation project. The translations I received were perfect. Very fast turnaround, great service. We shall use them again.’

David. Allergy UK

Professional Services For Charities

Charities operating in numerous countries, will now have the capability to apply for locally applicable grants and government funding. However, without indigenous staff ‘on the ground’, it can be difficult to properly complete formal applications, or indeed sift through the reams of red tape. By use of our professional translator, you can now complete formal applications at the same level of detail as a local. In most cases charities operate on a goodwill basis, relying on donations from members of the public and organisations. Getting word to those people is a challenge at the best of times, but without properly formatted text, driving your message home may be extremely difficult. By use of our translation services, your key messages can be formatted perfectly into your chosen language.

Some Examples Of The Types Of Document We Can Translate

Formal legal documents
Requests for charity donation by public and organisations
Government documents and applications
Financial translation

Working Within The Boundaries Of Your Ethos

Often charities provide support for communities who require information about different health issues, fact sheets, research. We will translate according to the audience the document is intended for.

We maintain high levels of communication through the entire translation process, to ensure that the end result meets your exact requirements.

The GV Translation Team

Discounts For Charities

We are able to offer discounts for our charity translation services.
If you would like to know more about our charity translation services please contact us here or call 01225 729 049.

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