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Desktop Publishing & Typesetting

Every language in existence has its own set of nuances and rules – that’s true for both the spoken word, as well as published words.

We offer a professional desktop publishing service for all major world languages – if you want to convey a message effectively via a printed medium or by desktop publishing, it’s important you respect those nuances and rules. We have a team of typesetters and translators on hand ready to work with your documents and materials. Sometimes translations are much more than just words, the look, feel and layout of a document is just as important.

Desktop publishing

All is not equal when translating documents from one language to another. Text density can expand and contract dramatically – sometimes by up to 40%. It’s therefore crucial to pay attention to the finalised translation so that where necessary it can be laid out like the original. We can achieve this outcome in a variety of different ways, maintaining a professional, polished image for all of your desktop publishing documents and files.

We use all of the industry standard tools in desktop publishing, including Indesign and Illustrator. We’re able to work with a range of formats and tools to produce the best possible desktop publishing results for our clients.

Typesetting services

It would be impossible for us to list every last nuance associated with every language out there. Lots of factors effect the way that a document is typeset – even simple things like the way pages are read. English and many European languages are read from left to right, but Arabic is read from right to left. Translating a document from English to Arabic might be straightforward for an experienced and qualified translator, but typesetting the document will present a whole new challenge in itself. In addition, Arabic text can’t be hyphenated whereas English text can be.

We can typeset documents and files from an array of different platforms (including Mac and PC) – we can work with documents in a selection of formats. We can typeset documents for our clients in hundreds of different languages – so no matter what language you need assistance with, you can be sure that we’ll be able to help you.

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