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Easy Read Translation Service

Easy Read documents are designed to communicate information in a simple, straightforward manner. Easy Read documents are adapted and created in order to help people with learning disabilities understand things better.
Here at Global Village Translation we offer a professional Easy Read translation service to our clients – no matter what document you need us to translate, we’ll translate it accurate and promptly using Easy Read best practices.

We use a range of techniques to convert and translate documents to Easy Read texts.

  • Condense text to make it as concise as possible

    First we make the translated text as concise as possible – if you've got a particularly long document we’ll look for ways to condense the text and make the document shorter. Rest assured no meaning or important information will be removed from your document at this stage.

  • We work through documents sentence by sentence, to make them as short as possible

    Once we've condensed the document we’ll start working on the text on a sentence-by-sentence basis – simplifying and shortening each sentence so they’re no longer than 20 words in total. Short, sharp sentences form the basis of Easy Read documents.

  • Remove confusing acronyms and abbreviations along with jargon

    All acronyms and abbreviations will be removed and words or phrases will be written in full to prevent confusion. Where jargon or complex words are used, they will be defined in brackets after to ensure readers understand their meaning.

  • We format the text so it’s easy on the eye and simple to read

    When the text has been condensed and we've made everything as easy to read as possible, we’ll work on the formatting of the document. Typically we’ll employ bold, large fonts that make words clear and easy to read.

  • We may include images to help readers understand and break up the text

    Where appropriate we’ll include images in order to help readers through the text – we only add images that add value to your document, images that don’t cause confusion. Finally, we’ll run through the Easy Read document to ensure everything is clear, concise and as easy to read as possible.

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