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Boost Visitors To Your Mobile Friendly Website With Professional Translation Services

Boost Visitors To Your Mobile Friendly Website With Professional Translation Services

Last year Google forced many of us to update our websites so that they can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and any other smart gadget we may own.  This has meant that only people with responsive websites will benefit from the search engine, while websites that have not been updated will be penalised.  In the past two decades the number of websites has exploded, in 1995 there were 23,500 websites, twenty years later the number has exceeded the billion mark. (Internet Live Stats). Therefore is more important now than ever to have an edge over your competition and we will tell you how professional translation services can help.

Using Professional Translation Services To Stand Out

If we consider that your website has the potential to be seen by approximately 40% of the planet, which is 3 billion people (PC).  Therefore making your website more accessible to a larger portion of these visitors is a pretty good idea. 55% of people are most likely to purchase goods if the website is in their own language.  In 2012 there was a 128% increase in popular App downloads when they became available different languages. (Common Sense Advisory).  Smaller companies can benefit from localisation by hiring professional translation services to help them to translate their site.

Getting The Context Right

In our previous blog post, How Hiring A Professional Translation Company Prevents Costly Errors, we highlighted the negative impact of translation errors.  Professional translation services take away the risk of using words out of context and either confusing or insulting potential customers.  If your translated site is crisp and accurate your potential customers are likely to trust you more. Either asking a member of staff, ‘who knows the language’,  or using an online translation site runs the risk of unknown errors.  Professional translation services have been trained to translate language specific to certain industries and technical information.

Which Languages Should I Use?

As you would expect English is the the main language with 90% of the 200 top Apps supporting it.  However there are many different versions of the English language such as American and Australian which could be adapted to suit these particular visitors.  Other languages that are increasing in popularity include; Chinese, Russian and Spanish. When localising your website for different countries you will need to be certain of the location of the majority of customers your business is likely to attract.

If your business is branching out across the globe and you are considering making your website available in a number of languages please contact us and we will be able to discuss how our professional translation services can help you conquer the globe.


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