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Professional Translation Services

Certified Language Services

Accurate, professional translation services - With a team of highly skilled, fully qualified, native speaking translators who have a range of specialised technical knowledge, Global Village Translation offers an array of translation services to fulfill all your translation requirements.

    From letters, to emails, brochures to magazines, novels to instruction manuals, marriage contracts to scientific journals, the team of native speaking linguistic specialists at Global Village can quickly, accurately and confidently translate any document into any major world language.


    At Global Village Translation we have a team of native speakers specialising in the translation of official documents, and we offer a fully Certified professional translation service. Certified translation covers things like birth, marriage and death certificates, formal qualifications, immigration papers and visa applications, financial documents and police statements. Indeed, the translation of any legal document requires Certified Translation.


    Sometimes a document requires more than just an accurate translation; it needs an expert in the field with specialised knowledge to be able to get to grips with the more technical terminology and jargon. We have a team of linguistic professionals with a range of specialised degrees, for example in law, computing, biochemistry, etc. With this combination of linguistic excellence and expert, subject-specific knowledge we at Global Village Translation services can confidently assure that even the most complex technical document can be translated accurately and fast.


    Our team of highly skilled interpreters can offer a range of interpreting services to suit your requirements. Whether you need ‘Consecutive interpreting’ – where the translator interprets in short blocks of speech after the speaker has stopped; or ‘Simultaneous Interpreting’ – where speech is interpreted simultaneously into the target language while the speaker speaks continuously. Global Village Translation will provide a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your specific interpreting requirements are met.


    In the globalisation process, localisation plays a crucial role. Here at GVT, our team of native translators has the cultural knowledge and understanding to ensure your website is sensitively and appropriately localised – from the content, to images to currencies to colour schemes - to ensure maximum readability and comprehension for the local users. We also translate your particular keywords in line with local search engines.


    We also offer a full Transcription, Translation, Subtitling and/or Voice Over service for audiovisual material. We can translate and transcribe the audio of any piece of film or video and include the translation as subtitles or as an audio track dubbed over the original language audio track.


    GVT provides a high quality, multi-lingual Desk Top Publishing (DTP) service so that your document – e.g. a book, magazine, brochure, business cards, etc. – can be translated and published in all the major world languages. Different languages involve different typesetting requirements - some run right to left, or top to bottom, for example – and our highly skilled team of DTP professionals can ensure that your document is not only perfectly translated but that it looks great too. We also offer a proofreading service for foreign language documents that you wish to publish yourself.


    We can help you maximise the market for your iPhone or android App by translating into any major global language.


    At GVT we are not only able to translate documents faithfully, word for word, we also offer an Easy Read Translation Service, where complex, jargonistic and technical language is re-presented in a simplified, easy to read format, without losing out on meaning or message. Easy Read versions are written in plain English and often incorporate photographs and drawings to illustrate the message more clearly for audiences which might include readers with visual impairments, or learning difficulties, or readers for whom English is not a first language.


    Website translation is a key part of any global business strategy. Considering that 70% of internet users don’t speak English, it makes sense that translating your website can increase your potential market exponentially. Website translation allows you to reach out to customers who speak a range of languages other than English, and ensures your website comes up in foreign language search engines. Promoting your brand on a global platform with a multi-lingual website keeps your business relevant and ahead in the global market.

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