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Here at Global Village Translation, we have a team of professional and certified interpreters who offer complete accuracy when it comes to translation, interpretation and localisation services. We only use native speakers as interpreters, guaranteeing complete clarity and precision at all times.

Our interpreters are able to offer translation services from and into all major languages in the world. We cover the most popular languages such as French, German and Spanish, alongside less widely spoken languages such as Lungandan, Sistwana and Welsh Gaelic, to name a few.

We offer a consecutive interpreting service or a simultaneous interpreting service, depending on your needs.

Consecutive interpreting

In this case, the interpreter does not render the message until the speaker has finished speaking. Generally, the speaker will speak using short sentences, dividing their speech into segments. The interpreter usually sits beside the speaker and takes brief notes before rendering the message. Consecutive interpretation is often employed during telephone conversations, small meetings and some official settings.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the message as quickly as possible whilst the speaker talks continuously. Usually, the interpreter works within a sound proof booth wearing headphones and the message is translated via a microphone. Simultaneous interpretation requires an interpreter with an extremely diverse vocabulary and full understanding of both languages in order to keep up with the pace.

As our interpreters are all native speakers, we are able to offer high quality consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. Our services are available to both individuals and businesses for a wide variety of needs.

One of our many services is conference interpreting. In today’s global business market, many companies are reaching abroad to new markets. Accurate language is the key to success when it comes to obtaining new business abroad. Building a strong relationship with a translation company like Global Village Translation is the ideal solution when it comes to being successful overseas.
We believe that it is important for your translator to have expert knowledge in the relevant field, as well as in both languages. Therefore, we have translators who are professionals in a wide range of industries including engineering, medicine, mathematics, telecommunications and much more.
Businesses can also benefit from our website translation services. The vast majority of internet users are non-English speakers, so our website translation services open your company up to a range of new opportunities. We understand that your website is a vital platform for displaying your services and products to your customers. With our native knowledge, we are able to provide more than just a translation, we can also advise on any cultural issues which may impact your website.

Building a strong relationship with a translation company like Global Village Translation is the ideal solution when it comes to being successful overseas.

Global Village Translation also provide services to individuals who need to bridge the language barrier. Our interpreters are available to join you during medical examinations and prison visits. Additionally, we can provide certified translations of legal documents such as passports, job applications, wedding certificates and medical reports.

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