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Simultaneous Interpreting

The simultaneous interpreting service that we offer is popular with clients holding business conferences and meetings. With our simultaneous interpreting service it’s possible to break down any language barriers within an organisation or business, allowing everyone to understand what’s being said and why.
There are lots of benefits to using a simultaneous interpreting service – it allows delegates to communicate, discuss and debate with each other at a normal pace, without having to wait for a consecutive translation. It’s particularly useful for multinational companies whose employees have differing mother tongues.
Simultaneous interpretations are usually delivered by headphones or earpieces during conferences and meetings, in the media they’re usually overlaid on the original interview. A conversation or speech is translated from the original language to a delegate’s mother tongue in real time.

We only employ the very best interpreters from each region around the UK – this is good news for our clients because it means travel time and travel expenses are kept to a minimum on every project we complete.

There’s a lot more to simultaneous interpreting than just an interpreter - in the majority of cases a lot of technical infrastructure and expertise is required to ensure the interpreter can work effectively and deliver their message without a hitch. We’ll supply all of the infrastructure and expertise required to ensure that your conference or event runs smoothly.

It doesn't matter what language pair you need us to interpret for you - we can help. It doesn't matter where in the UK the event happens to be taking place either, we’ll travel there to ensure that we’re on hand to assist you. We’ll attend any event, in any location for our clients. Our company and interpreters have a strong track record of providing high quality, accurate simultaneous interpreting services to our clients. You can rely on us!

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